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Invoicing you clients

Blog  »  Business Tips  »  Invoicing you clients Category: Business Tips
added by Alliance of First Aid and Health & Safety Tutors 01 October 2012


These are some general thoughts on invoicing your clients based on some of the ones we get in from "freelancers", when effectively we are the client.

1. I would suggest putting any terms and conditions (T and Cs) at the bottom of the invoice. Some that we get are right in the middle and can be quite off putting. 

2. Also with your T and Cs be careful about being to over-powering. What I mean by this is we get a lot saying that "payment is due within seven days of receipt" or interest will be charged at x% over base. It is all very well putting that on but most big companies will just laugh at it because they know you don't have the time and/or money to enforce it.

3. Make your invoices clear and concise - with a clear date/time/place about when your services were delivered. Make sure that there is one very obvious "total" amount that stands out. I've often paid trainers the wrong amount because the invoice has not been clear.

4.If you are at all unsure if you will get paid for your services the best advice I can give you is hold on to the certificates until you've been paid. All to often once people have their certificates they seem to forget that they ought to now pay for them!!!

I hope this helps out - do let me know your thoughts.

Best of luck


Alliance of First Aid and Health & Safety Tutors

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